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How is Oakheights Family Dental & Orthodontics Using Protective Equipment to Keep You Safe?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, you’re probably doing all you can to stay healthy and lower your risk of exposure.  

To keep you safe while you receive dental care during the COVID pandemic, our dentist has implemented additional steps to their usual infection control procedures.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is one of them. It is meant to defend practitioners from accidental exposure to hazards and dangers. While its use seems straightforward enough (e.g., wear glasses to protect your eyes, wear gloves to protect your hands, etc.), there’s more to it than that.

At Oakheights Family Dental and Orthodontics, our professional and highly skilled cosmetic dentist Dallas, TX, uses personal protective equipment to give our patient healthy and effective dental health care treatment. We use an air filtration system meant for making a safer environment both for our team and patients. We make an effort to create a caring environment in which you will feel comfortable seeking treatment for all of your dental needs.

Here is different Personal protective equipment that our cosmetic dentist Dallas, TX, uses:

1. Face Mask/Shield:

A face mask/shield is a piece of personal protective equipment that we use, protecting the facial area and mouth against splashes and sprays. Our professional dentist uses this as a barrier between them and their patients. It allows our patients to get the best dental care treatment. We professionally close your mouth without risking exposure to respiratory droplets that carry the virus.

2. Eye Wear:

Don’t be surprised to see our dentist wearing protective eye-wear underneath their shield to add another layer. Proximity is required between dentists and their patients, which means any saliva that sprays upward during regular checkups and cleaning can enter the eyes. That’s why we also recommend our patients also wear appropriate eyewear to avoid unnecessary germs and bacteria from infecting this area of the face.

3. Disposable Gown:

When it comes to avoiding germs and getting the best precautions from COVID, we use the top to a bottom disposable gown at Oakheights Family Dentistry in Dallas. The reason is that bacteria can live on more surfaces than you think. These disposable gowns make it possible to avoid pathogens from reaching a dentist’s scrubs, forearms, or other exposed areas of the body.

Our dental professionals are taking proactive measures to keep both their patients and staff as healthy and safe as possible. In addition to the PPE mentioned above, you may find that team members are now required to change in/out of their scrubs when arriving and before they leave work. It is just one more way our practice is safe for both patients and team members.