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Discover what dental implants can do for you. Come to Oakheights Family Dental and Orthodontics to fix the gaps in your smile. If you’re missing teeth, you don’t have to choose between dentures and bridges. You have another option- dental implants. These implants can improve the appearance of your smile and make it easier to chew.

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Dental Implant Information

Your mouth is one of the first things someone sees when they meet you. It is a very important part of the first impression made in your business and social life. Over the course of one’s life many things can happen that may lead to you needing dental implants.

It is important for a person to seek the services of professionals who will give the proper guidance and treatment. A dental implant is a device that is fixed or placed securely by dentists to support restorations or replace a missing tooth. They are made of titanium.

More and more people are opting for the dental implant procedure because it is more permanent and natural in feel and use.

Other devices such as dentures may have complications due to the product not being firm or other problems. Patients who have dentures often complain of discomfort. Implants on the other hand are more comfortable.

Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Having dental implants is a very personal choice, if you are hiding your smile or embarrassed to smile due to missing teeth, crooked teeth or stained teeth dental implants may be for you.

Dental implants can be performed on you whether you are young, middle aged or an older adult. Dental implants can be used to replace one or many teeth or in some cases all of your teeth. The bottom line is dental implants can provide you with a smile that you will be proud to share.

Dental implants are the solution of choice for people of all ages, even those with the following health concerns:

Existing Medical Conditions. If you can have routine dental treatment, you can generally have an implant placed. While precautions are advisable for certain conditions, patients with such chronic diseases as high blood pressure and diabetes are usually successful candidates for dental implant treatment.

Gum Disease or Problem Teeth. Almost all implants placed in patients who have lost their teeth to periodontal disease or decay have been successful.

Currently Wearing Partials or Dentures. Implants can replace removable bridges or dentures, or they can be used to stabilize and secure the denture, making it much more comfortable.

Smokers. Although smoking lowers the success rate of implants, it doesn’t eliminate the possibility of getting them.

Bone Loss. Bone loss is not uncommon for people who have lost teeth or had periodontal disease. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are trained and experienced in grafting bone to safely and permanently secure the implant.

Implant tooth replacement in children is usually deferred until their jaw growth is complete. There are, however, some instances when a dental implant may be appropriate, such as when it is part of the child’s orthodontic treatment plan. Your family dentist or orthodontist can guide you in this instance.

There Are Two Types of Implants

These are the standard dental implants and the mini dental implants. They have different diameters. The choice of the best one to get should be made after consulting the doctor. A doctor will give out the most appropriate choice after analyzing the need of getting them and in some cases a checkup may be performed.

The procedure for getting implants is not that long but it usually takes a few hours. Bleeding and swelling will be experienced after, but these are just some minor problems that should be expected. After they have been put there are certain ways, which they should be maintained. Maintenance is easy and should be highly prioritized.

The doctor will give advice on the best way to take care of the implants. All the instructions should be followed keenly by a patient. A person during the first few days should avoid brushing on that area. This is because they are still very sensitive. A recommended mouthwash should instead be used to maintain oral hygiene.

After the first few days, brushing of teeth should be regular and after every meal, so as to prevent any particles from being trapped around the area. A person should floss regularly after meals. A patient should also schedule regular visits to the dentist to have them checked. These are just some of the ways that implants should be maintained. The costs of implants vary based on factors like the type of implants one will get. Mini dental implants are cheaper than the standard implants and more people are getting them.



Don’t be ashamed to hide your smile. Get a dental implant treatment from one of our skilled dentists. Implants offer more stability than dentures and look more like natural teeth. We’ll discuss your dental implant treatment options to deliver the results you want. Our staff is specially trained to perform dental implant surgery. Call (972) 586-2588 now to arrange for a dental implant treatment in Dallas, TX.
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